A SENSE OF WABI-SABI: Beauty in Opposition

Anime and Manga from Wood Block to Ghost in the Shell

Wabi-Sabi is an ancient Japanese aesthetic. It's a way of feeling, a perception of something beautiful and soft, hard and complicated. Wabi-Sabi eschews classic western ideas of beauty and instead looks for the perfect within the imperfect. The philosophy is present in Japanese culture, traditions, and trends. This exhibition features works in a variety of mediums: woodblock prints, animation cels, video, and fashion that highlight this aesthetic both ancient and contemporary.

A Sense of Wabi-Sabi: Beauty in Opposition. Anime and Manga from WoodBlock to Ghost in the Shell illuminates the connection between the traditional art of rougher woodblock and the modern smooth form of Anime and Manga. This show will feature a 3-day celebration of Asian Pop culture followed by a 2 month exhibit. This is the first major exhibit that highlights the synergy of traditional woodblock as it wends its way from the traditional art form through post-WWII Japan and the comic-book loving American GI to the manga reading salaryman of Tokyo to the screens of gamers worldwide. Featured will be never before seen original Manga art and animation cels by Katsushiro Ottomo, Studio Ghibli's Hayao Miyazaki, Speed Racer creator Tatsuo Yoshida that fuel the now worldwide popularity of Manga and Anime

The exhibition will be kicked off by a 3-day celebration of Asian Pop Culture complete with cosplay, panels, creators, and an exhibit room filled with modern collectibles.



Chris Parente: As a founding member of Crash Media Partners, Chris Parente brings both a retail and curatorial background to the project. Mr. Parente has the distinction of owning both the first comic book store in America and the first retail chain dedicated to Japanese Anime and Asian Pop Culture. In addition, Mr. Parente has an extensive background in 20th-century art most notably in American Illustration and comic art. Mr. Parente is excited to work with his long time partner Scott Mauriello to bring this show to life

Scott Mauriello: Scott Mauriello is one of the founding partners of Anime Crash, the nation's first chain of Asian pop-culture retail stores. In addition, Mr. Mauriello was the owner and operator of Paladin Investigations a private security firm specializing in personal security and celebrity bodyguarding. Mr. Mauriello has personally protected numerous notable people including Hong Kong Action star Chow Yun Fat and the star of Shang Chi, Michelle Yeoh. Along with his partner Chris Parente, Mr. Maurielo formed Crash Media Partners a firm dedicated to the promotion of Asian Pop Culture in the US through film licensing, VOD, and event management.


The influence of Japanese Anime can not be underestimated in the world entertainment market. Anime has influenced game makers, animation studios, television and film production from the MCU to Star Wars and more.


Dating back to the 19th century the Japanese style of comic books and cartooning has evolved into a worldwide phenomenon that has formed the basis of the new art form of Anime as well as influenced comic creators in the US and Europe.


The Crash Media library of Old School Action films is one of the largest libraries ever released on home video representing over 200 martial arts action films from the 1970's and 80's.


Anime Crash was the first and only chain of Asian Pop Culture retail stores in the US. At it's height Anime Crash was the number one retailer per square foot of Anime and Hong Kong action films in the US and a gathering place for fans, creators  and celebrities from around the world.