Steranko: A Legendary Retrospective

Jim Steranko is a renaissance man who has made an indelible mark on comic books, pop art, film, and contemporary culture. Steranko was Entertainment weekly before Entertainment Weekly. Steranko was the Graphic Novel before the Graphic Novel. His stock in trade is storying telling with a cinematic flair. Illusionist both in life and on the page. While his body of work in comic books is surprisingly small (Streranko has drawn fewer than 30 total books) his influence and impact are enormous and transcend the medium the way his characters transcend the boundaries of the page

Steranko spearheaded a challenge to the traditions of comic book storytelling. Nick Fury, Captain America, and The Incredible Hulk were no longer confined to 6 or 8 panels on a page as the double-page spread and cinematic panels that let the images carry the story became his stock in trade. In a further break with tradition, Steranko threw off the conventions of comic books altogether with the release of Chandler: Red Tide widely credited to be among the first of a new form of graphic storytelling - the Graphic Novel.

A cinematic storyteller at heart, Steranko's work, and influence found their way to Hollywood to work alongside some of the greatest directors of our time. Steranko was instrumental in creating the look of Indiana Jones for Steven Speilberg and the modern iteration of Dracula with Francis Ford Coppola.

Steranko's love of film, comics books, and storytelling came together under one roof with the publication of Prevue magazine (formerly Mediascene, formerly Comixscene) Prevue was Entertainment Weekly years before Entertainment weekly as it was filled with interviews, reviews, and previews from all walks of popular culture.

Steranko: Illustrating the Future brings together the work of Jim Steranko across all of his many incarnations; Comic book artist, Illustrator, publisher, Graphic storyteller, entrepreneur, and modern art legend. This show will peer behind the curtain of one of the most unique and exciting creators of the 20th century and will feature works highlighting each phase of Jim's career.